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About the Artist

​Jack Shirley Ulrich is a photographer who infuses his art with a spirit of discovery and spontaneity. He lives with his wife and daughter in Arkansas, where he was born and raised.  His artwork is in private collections throughout the world.


His photography is inspired by his interest in his Chinese beliefs. He started observing cloud formations in 2012, and recalls, “I would take photos and then analyze the shapes.  I would often find cloud formations that looked very similar to Chinese zodiac figures and other related Chinese symbols.” His series of photographs capture images that suggest the good luck symbols of dragons, buddhas, dogs, sheep, snakes, and other shapes. 


The sizes of his photographs range from small 4” x 6” to large billboard sizes. The prolific artist has produced more than 250 different Asian cloud formations with a few series of 2-10 photos each. He has also created several videos of the natural cloud formations.


He focused on business while attending Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell universities.  He has served as a business and financial consultant. Now as an artist, he enjoys creating art as a form of healing self-expression and hopes viewers will enjoy bringing their interpretations to his imaginative images.   


​He is a member of several art and photography organizations including Arkansas League of Artists, Arkansas Photography Club, and Mid-Southern Watercolorists.  His art work can also be seen on Fine Art America.

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